Jerusalem’s leading Senior Residence invites you to join our warm and welcoming community in the heart of the Holy City.

Join the religious retirement community with the highest standards of professional support and luxury facilities, providing security and peace of mind in a warm Torani environment.

Jerusalem’s premier senior residence for over 35 years.

דיור מוגן לדתיים

Community Life

Community life and friendship become more important as we grow older. Beit Tovei Ha’ir’s recipe for success includes a peaceful and happy environment, the sharing of joyous occasions, the enjoyment of uplifting Shabbatot and Chagim, and an active social life.

70% of our residents are English-speakers who have either lived in Israel for many years or made Aliyah directly to Beit Tovei Ha’ir. They appreciate the warm atmosphere and the opportunity to socialize with seniors from all over the world, who each bring their own fascinating and diverse experiences to our close-knit community.

בית טובי העיר תערוכות
לאומי דתי מוגן דיור

Religious Environment

Life at Beit Tovei Ha’ir is tailored to suit the wishes of its religiously observant residents. The shul, with its regular minyan and tefillot, plays a central role in everyday life. The uplifting atmosphere on Shabbatot and the Chagim is enhanced by the beautiful singing of guest Chazanim. There is a functioning and accessible Mikveh on the premises.

There are Daf Yomi shiurim and other shiurim and lectures in Hebrew and English for men and women. Avreichim come in to learn with our male residents, and there is a weekly Beit Midrash program for women every Sunday.

Visit our senior residence in Jerusalem to experience the Torani community atmosphere and the wonderful feeling of coming home.

Cultural & Leisure Activities

It’s never boring at Beit Tovei Ha’ir! Every day, we offer a dynamic daily schedule of intellectually stimulating and challenging pursuits. Activities include a wide variety of classes, lectures, workshops, concerts, day trips, a choir, singing sessions, and entertaining musical shows.

Our program includes day trips in the Jerusalem area and around Israel, with guided three-day tours in the North and the South, including visits to fascinating sites. Tours of new visitor centers and museums also feature.  We take every opportunity to visit Israel’s wonderful historical and natural attractions, and enjoy outdoor activities whenever the weather allows.

There are many benefits to living in a senior residence in the heart of Jerusalem. We are within walking distance of many shopping areas and places of cultural interest, including the Geulah neighborhood, the Old City, and the Machane Yehuda market.

דיור מוגן בירושלים תרבות ופעילויות

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