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Cultural Activities at

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Beit Tovei Ha’ir offers a dynamic daily schedule of intellectually stimulating and challenging pursuits. Activities include Torah classes, health and fitness activities, and cultural events. Shacharit is followed by a choice of Daf Yomi shiurim given in English and Hebrew. Most mornings there are fitness classes of different types with professional instructors, and walking groups around Jerusalem. Residents can take advantage of a well-equipped gym with a personal professional trainer, saunas and a heated therapeutic swimming pool.

Our arts and crafts classes include jewelry making, knitting and embroidery, threadwork, drawing and painting. Residents can participate in Ulpan Hebrew classes at their own level, Israeli dance sessions, or discussions about news and current events. There are opportunities for choral singing, gardening and other hobbies.

In the afternoon we host a wide range of lectures – two each day, one English and one in Hebrew. They range from Parshat HaShavua and Tanach to lectures on science, health issues, history, literature, and musical lectures on the history of Jewish and world music. We host musical performances of different styles, and every Motzai Shabbat in the winter we have a concert.  We show two full length movies each week, plus nature documentaries. On Sundays there is a weekly Beit Midrash program for women, with female teachers from the Jerusalem community speaking on interesting Torah topics.

We take every opportunity to visit Israel’s wonderful historical and natural attractions and enjoy outdoor activities when the weather allows. We go out on day trips in the Jerusalem area and around Israel, and every year we enjoy guided three-day tours in the North and the South, including visits to new visitor centers and museums.

Shabbat and Chagim at Beit Tovei Ha’Ir

The atmosphere on Shabbat is happy and friendly, with communal Tefillot and meals, often enhanced by the beautiful singing of guest Chazanim. Before and during every festival, activities are organized to match the Chag.

During the month of Ellul, charity sales and cantorial concerts put residents in the right frame of mind for the approaching Yamim Noraim. Succot is the time for musical performances, and a youthful spirit pervades our annual Simchat Beit Hashoeva. The evenings of Chanukah are filled with special events, including a musical show, a games evening, and a family party with fun activities for grandchildren. On Purim, Beit Tovei Ha’ir dresses up and the residents participate in the happiest of Purim meals, with prizes for the best costumes. Activities on Pesach contribute to its special atmosphere. Yom HaZikaron is marked by meaningful ceremonies, and Yom Ha’Atzma’ut is celebrated in a burst of blue and white with memorable activities.

Hosting your Family

Family visits enrich the atmosphere and Beit Tovei Ha’ir considers it very important for residents to be able to host their families in its warm and welcoming surroundings. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren are invited to visit as often as possible, to enjoy the experience of spending Shabbat with their grandparents. The entire family can participate in fun inter-generational activities at parties on Rosh Chodesh and the Chagim. Visitors are welcome to enjoy a delicious midweek lunch in the dining room. Residents enjoying family visits can indulge their children and grandchildren with cake and ice-cream in the lobby, or on the large terrace outside in the summer.

Activities in the Residence

Family Fun Day – August 2023

Flower Arranging with New Olot

Tu BiShvat Party 

Siyum HaShas Celebration – 13th Cycle

Happy Chanukah from the Residents

Art Exhibition by the Tovei Ha’ir Residents – Chanukah 2019

Rosh Hashanah Toast, September 2019

Happy New Year and Gmar Chatima Tova from the Residents of Beit Tovei Ha’ir.

Yom Hazikaron Ceremony 2019

Yom HaShoah Ceremony 2019

With the participation of residents, staff, family members and IDF soldiers, followed by conversations between residents and soldiers.

Rosh Chodesh & Monthly Birthday Parties

Every month we have a party to celebrate the birthdays of all the residents during that month, and we also invite family members to participate. Participants include the Director Mr. Shlomo Wallach, with Divrei Torah by Rabbi Natan Shapiro, musical accompaniment by Akiva Margaliot, slideshows with photos of the birthday celebrants, and other celebratory activities.

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