Recovery Center

Kosher Convalescence Center

Convalescence in a five-star environment

A luxurious convalescence center for the religious community

Are you convalescing from an operation, illness or hospitalization? Beit Tovei Ha’ir provides the ideal facilities for a complete recovery. Our Convalescence Center offers you a healthy vacation with professional medical supervision, in your own apartment with hotel-style facilities. You can get all the quiet, privacy and treatment that you need, in a Torani atmosphere, with nourishing Mehadrin kosher food.

מרכז החלמה תמונה מהשטח בית טובי העיר דיור מוגן לדתיים

Our Recovery Program

A convalescence program suitable for Kupat Holim insurance holders (prior authorization required).

  • Your own private room or suite, including a bedroom and living room, suitable for one or two people.
  • Medical supervision 24 hours a day.
  • Professional staff including nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, dieticians, and social workers.
מרכז החלמה תמונה מהשטח בית טובי העיר דיור מוגן לדתיים

Facilities include:

  • Full board with three Kosher l’Mehadrin meals plus coffee and cake!
  • Healthy menu supervised by a dietician
  • Support and guidance during your stay
  • Minyanim and Torah Shiurim including Daf Yomi
  • Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy
  • Access to fully-equipped Gym, Studio, Spa and Swimming Pool (separate hours for men and women)
  • A rich program of cultural activities in a supportive community atmosphere.
  • Enjoy all the services provided in our magnificent residence in the center of Jerusalem.

Our staff looks forward to hosting, pampering and taking good care of you.

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