Brain Care Center

Brain care activities and treatment of cognitive dysfunctions—here at home

Professional team specializing in the treatment of individuals with dementia, cognitive dysfunction and impaired memory.


The Brain Care Center operates within the Tovei Ha’ir Residence and treats people with memory problems, disorientation or cognitive dysfunction. The Center is open five days a week and offers a wide range of individual and group activities with help people with dementia, including sports, singing, baking, gardening, brain exercises and computers, and more.

A unique highlight is the Snoezelen room that was built at Tovei Ha’ir residence and serves patients at the center and helps them relax.

Patients are served lunch. There is a Beit Midrash for men. All treatments are administered in a respectful manner in a warm, home-like atmosphere that emphasizes modesty and kashrut. Treatments are administered in a luxurious hall by a professional and supportive team.

Activities of the center:


Group or individual classes

Gardening therapy


Brain exercises and computers

Beit Midrash for men

The Snoezelen Room

From Holland to Jerusalem


Two years ago, a new world came into being for Tovei Ha’ir residents and visitors to the Brain Care Center. The Snoezelen room was originally developed in Holland by a father who conceived the room for his son, who had special needs. The word Snoezelen is a combination of two words in Dutch— ‘’to sniff’’ and ‘’to doze.’’  Elderly individuals who have dementia are often agitated or behave erratically. This kind of treatment includes sensory stimulation, creates a balance between activity and relaxation, reduces stress and arouses positive behavior.


The room offers a unique multi-sensory environment, including equipment for multi-sensory stimulation, background music, lights and elements from the worlds of aromatherapy and reflexology.  Tovei Ha’ir’s Snoezelen room includes interactive projections on the table or floor: the photos react to the movements of a hand or a leg and a visit can become a shared experience as, for example, the patient plays ball with his grandson. Laying in a sofa with your legs up, a vibrating cushion at your back, reflexology, and the calming scent of lavender—all these can take the patient from feelings of sadness, pain or loneliness to hope, renewed energies and a positive mindset. The room can be used for individual or group sessions of 20-30 minutes.


הקרנה אינטראקטיבית על השולחן או הרצפה

של תמונות שמגיבות לתזוזת יד או רגל של המטופל.


Brain Care Center team

The Brain Care Center team is made up of certified professionals who are trained to work with individuals with cognitive disabilities or impaired memory. Treatment is administered while making sure to preserve the patient’s dignity, strengthen his or her self-confidence and make him or her feel comfortable and at home.

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