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Luxurious Senior Assisted Living in the Heart of Jerusalem. 

With spectacular views of Jerusalem from the windows of your apartments, you can fulfill the dream of generations by moving into Beit Tovei Ha’ir. Our luxurious apartments have been designed in a variety of styles, with every detail carefully adapted for comfortable and safe senior assisted living.

Enjoy your privacy in the knowledge that our staff are on hand to assist you if needed.

We can offer you the opportunity to host family members and even to rent halls for your family simcha events.

Deluxe 2-Room Apartment

Furnished to the highest standard

סלון ופינת אוכל דירת 2 חדרים דלוקס בבית טובי העיר
חדר שינה דירת 3 חדרים פלאטינום בבית טובי העיר

Platinum 3-Room Apartment

Uniquely designed for your comfort

Spacious 2-Room Apartment

Furnished with accessories for your comfort and well-being

מרפסת דירת 2 חדרים בבית טובי העיר 2
דיור מוגן בירושלים | דיור מוגן חרדי | דיור מוגן דתי תמונת המחשה מהשטח 6

Studio Apartment

Designed to the highest standard

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