Nehora Studio and Spa


Ensuring that exercise, the spa and the pool become part of your daily routine


The Nehora Studio and Spa at the Tovei Hair Residence invites you to come, exercise and relax in a kosher environment: superior gyms and facilities suited to the needs of the religious community, new studio rooms, and a luxurious spa facility (with complete separation between men and women). All you need to feel strong and rejuvenated. The Center offers a wide range of sport and health activities, including Pilates, aerobics, zumba, toning and shaping, water exercise, massages, hydrotherapy, personal workouts, physiotherapy, sauna and more.

Highly-skilled and experienced staff and instructors.

Babysitting services available.

36 Malchei Yisrael St., Jerusalem | Tel: 02-5318278 |

Studio Classes


The class focuses on toning and shaping. The goal: to strengthen muscles, increase bone density and flexibility and take off fat. The classes are suited to all levels; participants work and progress at their own pace


A combination of a variety of dance styles such as hip hop, Latin dances, jazz and more. Zumba offers a stimulating aerobic workout, with emphasis on dance steps, energy and fun. Great cardio-vascular workout. The classes are suited to all levels; participants work and progress at their own pace.

Bone-building exercises

Bone density is important, but taking calcium and other minerals is not enough to ensure strong bones. Special bone building exercises can stop loss of bone density and they are the best and most effective way to combat osteoporosis.


How can one achieve more flexibility of the joints and spine? Pilates exercises strengthen core muscles and train the body to use the right muscles when moving.

Dynamic shaping and toning

Stretches and flexibility

Stretching and flexibility allow us to execute movements simply and effortlessly. The class tones muscles and increases flexibility and focuses on correct posture and strengthening stomach muscles.

Luxurious spa

The Nehora spa facilities have everything to make you feel calmed and relaxed:

a sauna, massage room, hairdresser and pedicure/manicure room. We invite you to sign up for beauty or body rejuvenation treatments provided by professional practitioners in a luxurious and modern complex.

סאונה יבשה

Modern gym

Get onto the exercise machines and take off! The Nehora gym includes a wide range of sophisticated cardio and weight machines, dumbbells and a stretching area. The studio is equipped with large video screens broadcasting only kosher content.  Exhilarating Jewish music will make you want to exercise, and the professional gym staff will craft a tailored training program that will help you adopt a healthier life style and lose weight.


Indoor pool

Our wide indoor pool is heated all year round (33-34 degrees), accessible to all and supervised by the Ministry of Health. The pool offers a range of individual and group activities.

Swimming lessons: –children/adults/groups

  • Individual, pairs or groups of up to 6 students
  • Getting used to the water and swimming lessons in a range of styles, until you can swim alone.
  • Rehabilitative swimming and instruction for practicing swimming to a level of competency.

Hydrotherapy treatments

Hydro= water, therapy= treatment

Hydrotherapy takes advantage of the physical properties of water — viscosity, drag forces, hydrostatic pressure and water temperature — to heal more effectively. These properties make it possible to exercise and strengthen muscles without the need for weights, practice breathing, practice keeping your balance without the risk of falling, achieve pain relief and reduce edema, all in a safe and relaxing environment. Executing controlled movements in the water strengthens the sense of capability and it is also fun, so the individual is motivated to keep doing the exercises.


Hydrotherapy can help

  • Individuals in need of rehabilitation and orthopedic treatment (back and neck pains, knee pains, inflammation in shoulders)
  • Individuals in need of rehabilitation after operations or trauma
  • Individuals suffering from chronic ailments like osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia
  • Individuals in need of rehabilitation of heart and lungs
  • Individuals with emotional disorders such as PTSD and ADD
  • Individuals who have neurological disorders such as Parkinson, CVA, Multiple Sclerosis and more.


A unique treatment program is prepared for each patient according to his or her abilities and needs, diagnosis and medical background. The goals of the treatment are determined in coordination with the patient and based on his or her expectations.

Treatment will not be administered in cases of epilepsy that is not controlled by medication, irregular blood pressure, open wounds or contagious skin diseases. Authorization from a doctor and a completed health declaration form are required.

Group classes: Water exercise/water aerobics

Groups of up to 15 participants –stretching, cardio and strengthening core muscles. Classes of different levels. Classes last 45 minutes.


And, of course…swimming on own.

Our team:

All the pool activities are led by our team of experienced professionals who love water. We place emphasis on making the lessons enjoyable and on a personal connection between instructors, guests and participants


Pool Schedule