Sharing our Wisdom: Intergenerational Community Projects

Living in the center of Jerusalem creates many exciting opportunities for our residents to interact with local community members and organizations. Before Shavuot, two groups of young people came into Beit Tovei Ha’ir  for different activities.

Founded by Rabbi Dov Levy zt”l, Seeach Sod is an educational institution for Haredi students who have special education needs. For the past seven years, Rabbi Shimon Levy, son of the founder, has brought his students two times each year to learn in the Beit Tovei Ha’ir Beit Midrash with our residents.

In preparation for Shavuot, the residents and the students studied a source sheet together, enjoyed a festive meal, and sang and danced together. The program was led by Rabbi Yehuda Rabinowitz, our Rosh Beit Midrash, and Rabbi Yehiel Esterzon, the boys’ Rebbe.


Flowers & Friendship

In another beautiful pre-Shavuot activity, the women of Beit Tovei Ha’ir met with young English-speaking women from Maagalot for a flower-arranging session.

Maagalot is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating meaningful and nurturing friendship circles and activities for single religious women who have made Aliyah, helping them to better connect to communal life and adjust to living in Israel.

The women were paired with older women from their home countries, who shared their own memories of moving to Israel. Women from the UK, the US, South Africa, Canada and Australia enjoyed hearing about the communities that they moved from (with some inevitable ‘mishpachology’ conversations about who they both knew!). They also talked about the challenges of moving to Israel, particularly as single women, and how much easier many things are today than they once were.

The flower arrangements that the women created were enjoyed in the Beit Tovei Ha’ir dining room during Shavuot.


Yael Ben David, who coordinates the cultural activities in Beit Tovei Ha’ir, commented on the beauty of both events, which symbolized bringing people of different ages together before the Chag of Shavuot “K’Ish Echad B’Lev Echad”.

“It is always joyful to bring young people into the Residence but, rather than just being entertained, our residents appreciate the opportunity to share some of the wisdom that they have accumulated during their lives. Now that the pandemic is behind us B”H and we can open our doors to visitors, we hope to continue both of these beautiful partnerships and find further opportunities for community interactions.”

Click here to read more about activities in Beit Tovei Ha’ir on this website and on our Facebook page.

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