Durable medical equipment

As old age sets in, seniors need more assistance and support than before.

Many people have trouble coping with the changes that accompany the process of aging; with time, they find they are in need a lot of help, especially because of significant physical changes. Before seeking more extensive solutions, there are medical aids that can provide relief to seniors and prevent injury that can be caused, for example, by a fall. It is important to familiarize yourself with this equipment and its use.

What equipment is available how can it help us?

  • Wheelchairs: The wheelchair is a popular aid used by seniors to increase mobility. This aid serves not only those who can’t walk but also those who suffer from serious loss of balance and for whom walking is not only very tiring but also dangerous, because of the risk of falling.
  • Walker: This aid is for those who need support to walk but do not need a wheelchair. Most of the walkers are built so that the senior can use it in areas where he or she usually moves around—in the home or outside. This way the senior can continue his or her lifestyle while getting support and reducing the risk of falling. They can be also used to rest: the senior can stand and lean on them and rest a bit from time to time to regain strength during long walks.
  • Stroller: Walking long distances becomes harder and harder with age, just like driving. An electric scooter allows seniors, through manual operation, to go long distances in urban environments relatively easily. They can thus be independent, attend social events, do shopping, go on trips and more.
  • Walking cane: this is a simple device that provides support during everyday activities and helps prevent falling. The greatest advantages of the walking cane are that it doesn’t take up a lot of room and it can be used with only one hand. A senior can use it in almost every situation, for instance while walking, cooking, taking a shower and more.
  • Oxygen: Many seniors have difficulty breathing as a result of various medical conditions, a history of smoking, exposure to various pollutants and more. This problem can seriously impair the quality of life of a senior, and a relatively simple solution is the oxygen concentrator. This health aid provides a flow of pure oxygen directly into the nostrils, and as it has wheels, it can be easily moved from place to place.

Many organizations today rent out or lend out medical devices.

Yad Sarah is one of the organizations that are well known for lending out medical aids, but there are other organizations who also rent this equipment for long periods for free or for a small fee.

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