Medical Center

In-House Medical Center with Expert Doctors and Nurses

“A healthy soul in a healthy body” at Beit Tovei Ha’ir.

Beit Tovei Ha’ir supports its residents with an in-house team of some of the country’s top doctors, including some who are listed by Forbes magazine as the best in Israel. A spacious and well-designed clinic and a 24/7 dedicated team of nurses are also available to all residents.

Our team of in-house doctors includes top geriatric doctors – leading specialists who work with all of Israel’s health funds, a specialist in integrative medicine, a doctor on-call, a neuropsychologist, a physiotherapist and a hydrotherapist.

Our kosher retirement community also has a welfare department with experienced staff, caring and professional social workers, community workers, a medical secretary to help with making external appointments, and auxiliary staff who can help residents to shower and dress.

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