Employment for Seniors

Many people today live many years after retirement; therefore, they seek new opportunities for employment.

Retirement isn’t always as great as people say it is, and many retirees feels that they need a reason to get up in the morning. In addition, post-retirement expenses are higher and income decreases, so many seniors find themselves in economic distress. As a result, many seniors look for a job.

What you need to know about employment for seniors in Israel

  • Opening a business and volunteering: Not every activity has to be a formal job, and many seniors choose to volunteer in the community or open up a business where they can put their acquired skills to good use, such as baking and cooking, artistic skills and more. This way, they keep busy and pursue their hobbies and passions, which they did not always have time for before.
  • Supplementing income: A decrease in monthly income after retirement and the added expenses of healthcare, etc., can cause economic problems that can significantly affect quality of life of seniors. Finding a job can help supplement income and help seniors manage their finances more effectively.
  • Making connections: One of the disadvantages of retirement is lack of social contacts. Employment for seniors creates wonderful opportunities to meet new people and expand social circles, and many work environments offer social activities and bonding opportunities.
  • Keeping a routine: Going to work every morning helps the senior maintain a certain routine and lifestyle and this is important when life continues for many years after retirement. A routine lends meaning to life and impacts mood, quality of life and physical and mental fitness.
  • Increasing life expectancy: People experience the highest degrees of physical and mental deterioration after retirement, because they are less active and have less reasons to get up in the morning. Finding employment helps seniors cope with some of these challenges and increases life expectancy as well as quality of life. It also slows down the ‘’aging’’ process that accompanies retirement.

There are many organizations today offering jobs to senior citizens.

Over the years, there is growing awareness of the importance of regular employment for seniors, and therefore jobs are being created especially for them. There are many employment opportunities available today that enable seniors to pursue activities that interest them and to supplement their income in a convenient way.

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