Safety for seniors

Accidents at an elderly age can cause serious injuries and impair quality of life

Whether we are talking about physical or psychological wellbeing, it is important to know how to prevent injury and stay safe when we reach our golden years, because injuries at that age can be serious and significantly reduce quality of life. Physical injury can lead to complications, while harm to finances as a result of crooks or swindlers can result in psychological trauma. Therefore, safety precautions are important.

Know how to prevent accidents in different situations

  • In the shower: One of the most common injuries is falling in the shower, caused by loss of balance or slippery floors. The best way to prevent falling is to install grab bars and even a bench that allows the senior to shower while sitting down. These two aids can significantly reduce accidents.
  • At the sea: Seniors like younger people, enjoy the beach and sea. Safety is critical: make sure that you are protected from the sun and sitting in the shade, wearing a hat and that your skin is covered, as it is sensitive to exposure. Make sure to drink a lot. Do not swim in deep water, as the current is dangerous.
  • Shopping: Many crooks try to take advantage of the elderly, especially when they are shopping. Make sure not to give out your credit card to people you do not know. Try to do your shopping accompanied by a younger person who can help supervise transactions.
  • Daily life: The most common accidents are falls, but luckily these can be prevented. If you have a problem of balance, use a cane or walker to move around. Use grab rails when dressing, showering, going up steps, and more.
  • Cooking: Cooking can be hazardous. The counter should be at the level of the elbows, so use a higher chair or lower the counter to prevent accidents. In addition, use smart burners that turn off when not directly in use, and this helps prevent burns and fires.

As a senior, it is very important to stay safe.

Preventing accidents and avoiding hazards allows the senior to maintain his or her quality of life, independence and daily routine.

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