Senior rights

Old age has its challenges, and it is important that you what they are.

Old age brings many changes, including retirement, changing in housing, financial changes and more. In order to cope with these changes in the most effective way, it is important that you know your rights.

Some of the most relevant rights for seniors

  • Pension: The monthly pension is an important element of old age. Someone who saved money in a pension fund while working is entitled to a pension when he or she retires. Check to see that the pension you are receiving is based on the amount of years that you worked, the level of income, and other relevant factors. A financial consultant who specializes in pensions can help you with this.
  • Keren Hishtalmout (tax free saving plan) and Gemel (mutual fund): In addition to the regular pension, there are other pension savings such as keren hishtalmout and gemel that can be withdrawn after retirement. Check if you are entitled and the conditions in which the funds can be withdrawn.
  • Health: Many organizations including kupot holim (sick funds) offer various health insurances that can provide support to seniors. They not only cover financial costs but also various treatments that are important for seniors.
  • Old age insurance: The National Insurance Institute provides old age insurance to every individual after a certain age. This insurance, that increases as an individual gets older, is given regardless of a person’s income, and it helps bridge the gap between the salary that a person was earning and the pension received after retirement.
  • Special discounts: The state provides the elderly with special benefits that can help ease old age from a financial point of view, as well as in other ways. These can be discounts at film theaters, tax breaks, priority in queues, subsidized courses or vocational training.
  • Housing: There are many housing corporations that offer housing for seniors. Housing of this kind provides the elderly with a safe and comfortable environment, and makes daily life easier, because these facilities provide health services, social activities, a community and more.

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