Trips for seniors

Many seniors want to stay active despite their age

Getting old causes changes, and many of these changes prevent seniors from taking part in social and other activities. We see that more and more seniors want to stay active, engage socially and be part of the community. One way this can happen is by organizing trips for seniors.

What you should know about trips for seniors:

  • Types of trips: Trips for the elderly should be tailored to the needs of the specific group, taking into account physical and mental health, mobility, age and more. In that way, each person can choose a trip that suits him or her.
  • Places to travel: Seniors can hike in nature, visit springs and lakes, visit a museum, go to a mall and more. Each excursion should be adapted to the needs of the group. Most trips are organized in a way in which they can be enjoyable and memorable without the need for physical exertion.
  • Mobility: Trips should be planned based on the mobility of the participants. Injuries could have grave ramifications on quality of life, so it is important to prevent accidents and falls. Choose level ground, where there is no need for a lot of walking, and places where walkers, canes and wheelchairs can be used.
  • Medical supervision: Trips must be accompanied by medical professionals. Participants’ relevant medical problems, conditions and prescribed medicines should be noted ahead of the excursion. Trips should be organized so that they are not too far from medical facilities, in case of a medical emergency or the need to transport someone to hospital.

Trips for seniors enable a rich and active social life

Trips for seniors can enable seniors to maintain their regular routines, get to know new places and meet new people, and remain socially active in their communities.

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