Considering Your Next Move (and the move after that)

Deciding to move out of your own home into a senior residence is often difficult, but the next move is even more heart-wrenching. Beit Tovei Ha’Ir offers an Ageing in Place solution that will make your next move easier.

Seniors who are in fairly good health often choose to move into sheltered accommodation or a senior residence because they no longer want to live alone or run their own home. The next move is often into a nursing home or other facility with medical treatment, and that’s when things get really difficult. Most often this decision has to be made quickly, in order to leave hospital, and with the patient and their family in a state of stress and anxiety.

The concept of Ageing in Place usually refers to planning to remain in one’s own home until the end of your life. This may involve modifying your home and hiring care assistants to provide all the care that you might need. Beit Tovei Ha’ir has its own version of Ageing in Place that is easier for all concerned. Any of our residents who express the wish to stay in their own apartment can have any and all of the medical support services that they need in that apartment. Beit Tovei Ha’ir can provide hospital beds, ventilators and other monitoring equipment into your room as required, and provide round-the-clock nurses as necessary.

“Moving into a strange environment when you get sick is often upsetting for everyone. That is why Beit Tovei Ha’ir brings the full nursing service to our residents in their own home environment”, explains Emanuel Globerman, CEO of Beit Tovei Ha’ir in Jerusalem. “The medical staff at Beit Tovei Ha’ir can supervise the delivery of medical treatment and palliative care, to ensure that our residents enjoy their home comforts until their last day. This is enormously reassuring for their families, and also ensures that any difficult decisions can be taken with full medical and Rabbinic support.”

We all hope to stay healthy and independent for many years to come, without knowing what medical treatment we may need in the future. At Beit Tovei Ha’ir we have in-house medical specialists, including world-renowned geriatricians and consultants, and a full team of nursing staff. They will get to know you and monitor your health while you live in the Residence, and you will get to know them. There is always someone on call 24/7 to provide medical treatment or help you navigate the Israeli health system in any emergency that requires hospitalization.

Knowing that your decision to move into a senior residence is the last move you will have to make helps seniors to feel more secure and confident about their future. Couples need not worry about the welfare of their partner should they suffer a protracted illness, because they can continue to enjoy the social life and support services of the Beit Tovei Ha’ir community.

“Life is a journey and none of us knows how our journey will end”, says Globerman. “All we can do is make the best possible plans for our comfort and for the welfare of our loved ones, by making good choices and putting ourselves in the hands of skilled and caring professionals. Ultimately we are all in Hashem’s hands.”

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